Our Services

Post-Construction Issues

  • Fight for our clients and their investment.
  • Provide expert design review to identify issues.
  • Utilize construction code and state law to demand attention.
  • Create a winning strategy to obtain a solution.
  • Provide expert witness testimony for civil court proceedings.

New Construction and Remodels


  • Coordinate team efforts to achieve the owner's vision
  • Meet with owner to establish a desired schedule, quality, and budget
  • Lead the assembly of the project team (architects, contractors, vendors, engineers, and others) based on the owner’s goals
  • Review team’s contracts and negotiate acceptable terms.


  • Identify areas where owner selections will be determinative of price (e.g. finishes, shower tiles, door hardware, etc.) (“Allowances”)
  • Work with owner to identity estimated Allowance amounts for each category
  • Identify vendors for Allowances and coordinate separate bids for those items
  • Establish pre-construction schedule
  • Assist in the development of the design plans to ensure compliance with project budget and schedule
  • Value engineer analysis to ensure Owner’s requests are provided in the most cost-effective manner 


  • Contact general contractors to familiarize them with the process
  • Coordinate introductory meetings between general contractors and owner
  • Submit bidding guidelines and forms to the 3 – 5 general contractors selected by owner
  • Address any general contractor’s questions or concerns with the bidding guidelines
  • Collect and incorporate bids from each general contractor into ADVOCATE’s proprietary bid evaluation system
  • Review bids to evaluate any potential bid aberration (i.e. a contractor missed an item, or misinterpreted the plans)
  • Review bids with owner and provide feedback on identifying areas where savings may be obtained through discussion with the general contractors
  • Coordinate feedback to general contractor(s) from owner
  • Assist Owner with general contractor selection using an unbiased cost comparison qualitative review
  • Assist in the negotiation of the contractor fee and legal documents


  • Assist owner with identifying potential lenders
  • Manage the assembly of potential lenders
  • Coordinate obtaining competing bids for lending
  • Assist owner with analyzing financing options
  • Support owner in negotiating and selecting best financing option for owner


  • Budget, schedule, and quality control
  • Project administration
  • Change order management to address Owner scope variations while minimizing project impact
  • Act as point of contact for Owner
  • Disseminate information to project team in a coordinated manner with a focus on team synchronization and problem solving
  • Attend weekly site meetings, regularly perform on-site inspections to confirm compliance with quality control procedures and the Owner’s objectives
  • Review and approve GC and consultant invoices. Certify proper amounts are being billed and GC is complying with construction budget and schedule
  • Maintain insurance and lien release log of all consultants, vendors and contractors
  • Review change orders to determine if amounts and time extensions are appropriate
  • Analyze the schedule’s critical path and milestones. Perform required due diligence to mitigate potential delays
  • Review all interior design / FF&E proposals to ensure compliance with budget
  • Provide continuous reporting of pending design and project decision


  • Ensure completion of architect and owner generated punch list
  • Review with the owner the operations and maintenance manuals published by the general contractor
  • Arrange for ongoing preventative maintenance and warranty compliance


  • Duty of loyalty to the owner  
  • Duty of candor and integrity to the owner  
  • Duty to optimize value for the owner  
  • Duty of transparency to the owner in project management and execution  
  • Duty to disclose to the owner all conflicts of interest with proposed and contracted project participants  
  • Duty to cooperate with project participants to further the owner’s interests